Original work – Ready to Rumble


Original Artwork Title: ‘Ready to Rumble’

Original colored pencil drawing size – 11 x 17″

During a drive across the country, my partner and I would often stop to stretch our legs, make tea and enjoy the space.

Somewhere in on route in the wide open expanse of Wyoming, we just happened to stop near a local saddle club riding grounds. There was approx 15 riders with horses and young steers practicing their roping skills that day.

What a opportunity for a live photo shoot.Β  I have several images of the event yet to show themselves on paper but, this scene needed to be initially recognized.

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Original Western Art for collectors.

“Ready to Rumble” depicts a western roping cowboy ready and waiting in the shoot for the next practice round. A distant thunder storm rumbles in the back ground momentarily distracting the rider’s focus. Both the storm and the rider are “ready to rumble” in action.

Available as unframed.
Can be delivered locally or shipped rolled.
Framing can be arranged for local deliveries only.


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