Custom Horse Portraits

Here are a few samples of the quality of the custom work that Equine Artist Clare Hobson had been requested to “paint”. Using graphite and coloured pencil, truly, this gal is talented!

with a Huge personality

14×17″, 110 lb white acid free RB Cover Series

Derwent Studio & Drawing, Primacolor colour pencils

Colored Pencil Drawing of Connemara pony "Mouse"
Custom Art Work - Paddington in Bridle - by Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Paddington in Bridle’
Custom Art Work - Arabian Show Champion - by Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Arabian Show Champion’
Coloured Pencil Equine Portraits - Preston - by Canadian Artist Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Preston’ Irish Thoroughbred
Custom Art Work - Three Ladies - by Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Three Ladies’
Custom Art Work - Paddington in Halter - by Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Paddington in Halter’
Custom Art Work - Dylan - by Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Dylan’
Custom Equine Portrait of Thoroughbred Horse Robbie - by Colored Pencil Artist Clare Hobson
Title: ‘Robbie’ 17.3hh Thoroughbred


Things to consider when commissioning a original portrait of your favorite horse.

I work from photographs. If you are have a selection of good photos then I can work from those. A three quarter (3/4) or side profile view will usually make the best portraits.

Custom Art Work - Trooper - by Clare Hobson

For best results: Your photo’s should be taken at eye level of your horse to avoid distortion. Photos that look down or up at your horse are not the best to work from.

Photo’s need to be of high resolution, in focus and as close up as possible.

Outdoor photos in soft light or photos taken near a window with plenty of natural light are usually best.

Good lighting in the photo will allow me to add details of shine on the coat, buckles, bit and leather.

Photos taken in the dark with a flash often produce harsh, unflattering shadows.

Art Work - Free & Clear - by Clare Hobson

Depending on location, I can sometimes do a photo shoot of your horse. (summer coat is usually better for detail)

Basically, the better quality photo, the better the portrait will be.

Single head shots and full body portraits available; 

Custom Equine Portrait of Thoroughbred Horse Robbie - by Colored Pencil Artist Clare Hobson

After you have submitted your photographic or digital images and you have chosen the size of portrait and discussed details, I can get started on your horses portrait. Please include your 25% deposit at the time of order.

Depending on the number of commissions on my list and the size of the piece, portrait completion time is approx 2-4 weeks.

When your portrait is finished I will email or text message a photo for your approval.

If you are happy with the piece, final payment is due via PayPal, eTransfer,  Cheque or cash. I can deliver to your home if you are in Smithers or Telkwa BC. If you are out of town. I can arrange delivery via Canada post.

Frames and matting are not included. 

Clare Hobson doing a photo shoot

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