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Clare Hobson is an accomplished Canadian artist. Educated in England, Portugal and Canada, Clare traveled extensively during her childhood to Europe and Africa. 

Clare Hobson continues to display a fascination for the natural world. Through her media, she reveals to us the serenity of a quiet wooded area, or the enduring solitude of an old historic barn.

Best known for her images of horses, Clare’s work depicts the common bond and affection we all share for these noble beings.

Through her artist media of color pristine pencil paintings and graphite, Equine Artist Clare Hobson reaches the horse world with original detailed drawings, portraits, paintings and limited edition prints of equestrian events.

Cowboys and Cowgirls from all arenas of the western horse world, including roping, penning, reining, sliding stops, cutting cows, and barrel racing appreciate Clare’s artistic ability to portray familiar equine events. 

Whether it’s a Farrier forging shoes for a horse, cowboys roping steers, or wild paint horses running free, Clare puts life and light in her paintings. Riding boots gleam in the sun, and saddles, tack, bridles, halters, ropes, and spurs add to the realism of the moment.

Clare’s unique detailed artwork captures the beauty, grace, elegance and emotion of her subjects. As a rider, trainer, teacher and coach of Dressage and Jumping, Clare truly lives her art.

Clare, a Licensed & Certified Canadian Equestrian Competition Coach Specialist, continues to train riders &  horses, judge at shows and conduct riding clinics.  

Clare Hobson - Coach and Artist
Clare Hobson – coach and artist


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